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Yay-Me!!! It’s finally here for you to read and enjoy.  This has truly been a journey. I have learned so much about me, technology, politics, and those around me on this journey.  The first thing I learned is; starting a magazine just might be rocket science. I will admit when I started this journey I said, “Surely, it’s not rocket science.”  Whew, I lied.


On paper yes I knew what I was getting into.  I knew I would need writers, proofers, graphic designers, photographers, content, creativity, and money.  So I went to my address book and found the most ambitious friends and contacts who would be willing to share themselves with you the readers.  Then I convinced them and myself that we could really start a magazine.  


Here’s the spark that ignited the fire in everyone:

“I have an amazing idea…(paused) What about a technology magazine for women?  Yes, a magazine that will have women of technology on the cover. I want to tell the stories of the Blair Christies, Sheryl Sanbergs, Ursula Burns, Nicole Harveys, and women who are influencers of this great field that I call my profession. I want to change the way society views women in the technology arena.  We are more than geeks, online dating, crazy socks, and hair. We are creative, smart, sexy, and all things technology. We will call it the Sassytechgyrl Magazine” (that’s not a typo my mentor changed only one thing and that was to make it universal so if they were to look up Sassytechgirl in China, Spain, or England how would they spell it.)  So that is why we are now Sassytechgirl Magazine.


So here we are….drum roll, please.  We present our inaugural issue I Love Green to you.  The cover story is Blair Christie of Cisco Systems, Inc.  Blair is this amazing extrovert who has a personality bigger than life.  I flew to San Jose to interview her I arrived early so that means I was super nervous until Blair walked in the room.  Her spirit immediately calmed mines down by saying a word. She was warm and friendly. I know you are wondering what kind of connections get me an interview like that for a new unknown magazine and writer.  In September of last year, I tweeted: @BlairChristie We would like for you to be the Cover Story for our Jan/Feb issue of Sassytechgirl Magazine….Blair agreed and the rest is history.


Also, in this issue, you will get to know some of our writers.  Sit back we hope you enjoy your copy of Sassytechgirl Magazine.


Special Thanks:  I really want to say THANK YOU to the following and yes I am going to name names without these people I would still be sitting thinking about one day starting a magazine.  My mentor Rob Warren, thank you for believing in my vision and pushing me from a dreamer to a visionary. Lennox Fleary thank you for the first prayer that sealed the deal to know it was my time to move forward.  LaKesha Edwards, Kortney Horton and Jock Schofield for taking my crazy calls at all times of the day and night being my sounding board and the NO committee. Natisha, Romunda, Devyn, Teresa, and the rest of the writer’s staff.  My pastor Julius Jackson, Jr. for praying and being brutally honest with me. My mother Lucy Sauls for being my support system picking up the slack at home, with the simple things, and proofreading the proofreader and the editor.  To my children (Nicholas, Nichael, and Samaria) for believing in Mommie and supporting me in making this dream a reality. Lastly, to Mi’Cheri the assistant that keeps quitting but comes back every time I call. You have put up with my tantrums, then I can’t do this, the demands and the silent tears that no one else sees thank you for being here every step of the way.  


Now let’s get to reading this magazine.

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