Introduction Interview: Nicole “Sassytechgirl” Harvey

Introduction Interview:  Nicole “Sassytechgirl” Harvey


STG: If someone asks you who is Nicole Harvey what would you say?

Nicole:  Oh wow…every time someone asks me that I always have to consider the audience.

I am a 46-year-old mother; who has been an IT Professional for over 20 years.  Nicole is also a fun loving person who finds herself encouraging others to be happy or be a better person. I guess since I am now the founder and the brand of SassytechGirl magazine one could say I am corky, Will encourage, empower, and enthuse other others who need it.


STG:  Why the SassytechGirl Magazine?

Nicole:  Well (deep sigh) my childhood dream was to be a journalist and own my own magazine by 45 years of age. I know you are thinking …ma’am you don’t have a degree in Journalism…that Texas grammar won’t get you far.  So again what made you think you can pull this off.

…..I know I am comical

But seriously this magazine is where my passion, experience, and commitment to empowering others EXPLODE!!!

Yes, EXPLODE…I have done the research and there is not a magazine that caters to US when I say US…I mean women in IT.  The Owner’s, CEOs, the gamers, the programmers, the telecom, geeks, mothers, daughters, and nucleus of this world we call INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.


STG: What do you bring to the table to pull this off?

Nicole:  THE BALLS…. Tenacity, Hype, Endurance … Belief, Audacity, Live, Learn, Successfully through this process.


STG: Did you just say BALLS?

Nicole: Yep I sure did….


STG:  What will some of the magazine’s segments or sections be about?

Nicole:  We will have your usual Cover story, Editorial, Table of Contents, News as it affects Us, Cover Story,    Standard Articles, and Highlights on the back page.  Specialty to STG Girl’s & Gadgets, SassyFashion, Travel, DIY, IT Spotlight and Gentlemen Center Page (business suits/jeans blazer/grown men style….no half-naked men).


STG: What is your plan of action for creating such a magazine?

Nicole: First and foremost understand that I am only the foundation meaning that it is not my job to DO EVERYTHING.

Secondly, I understand that I have to build a team that can see the vision; meaning they can see where they can contribute and be a part of something so awesome but yet scary at the same time why because it has not been done before.  Stay true to the CORE objective which is to create a venue for like-minded people to find solace in knowing that their other’s just them.  Lastly, Keep God in every vital step, every thought, and every page.


STG:  Who would you like to interview for the Cover Stories?

Nicole:  Well as you see this issue the Cover Story is Me….Nicole Harvey

Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook and the Author of Lean In

Ursula Barnes CEO of Xerox first African American Fortune 500

Marissa Mayer CEO Yahoo

Virginia Rometty IBM

Michelle Obama



STG:  Who motivates you:

Nicole:  I motivate myself.  There is a guy I call my unofficial mentor his name is Rod Warren he literally started at the bottom in Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX) and to see his beginning and to see where he is now.  Blows my mind and keeps me in awe that yes I can do whatever I stay focus and on task to do.


STG:  What would you like to say to a young girl who wants to get into the IT field?

Nicole:  I would say Just Do It!!!!   I would tell them to first put their big girl panties on and be prepared to WORK.  Make sure you are knowledgeable, trainable, and have tuff skin.


STG:  What are some of the challenges you have encountered being in a male dominating field?

Nicole: Being viewed as the weaker one technology wise until they see my talent.  Fighting for respect as an equal.  Lastly, because I am a woman they tend to leave the administrative work to me as if I’m their secretary.


STG:  Do you have a quote you would like to leave us with?

Nicole:  If you are going to be anything in this life – Be Your Own Fan!





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