Why Civil Rights Matter to Women in the Technology arena?

Civil Rights is defined as the rights to full legal, social, and economic equality; later extended to blacks (African Americans).  There is no racial equality and no gender equality without EQUALITY for all.  

The key is not to focus on what makes us different it is to celebrate what makes us ALL human.  When you look at the Civil Rights Movement you can’t help but noticed women began to evolve as well.  Now, women were not expected to stay home or live as Stepford Wives. They were standing and marching for gender equality.  Some might call it the Bra Burning Era or the Awakening of Feminism. I call it an act of courage for both groups who joined forces with the same goal but different motives. 

To answer why Civil Rights matter to women?   The Equal Pay Act (EPA) in 1963 was created to make it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women who perform the same work, but there are areas where the EPA has fallen short.  In such a way that in 2011 Congress Introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act to honor Equal Pay Day. It is apparently due to the recent statement of Microsoft’s CEO that women should not ask for a raise and that they should trust karma.  He later apologized stated that he was completely wrong.  

Being in a profession that is male-dominated as women we sometimes forget our worth –we tend to become subservient and downplay our intelligence.  Moving forward let’s be mindful that in this journey we all need one another.  

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